Jan 3rd

Stationary Recumbent
30 minutes

Stationary Recumbent
45 minutes

CrossFit-inspired Training 30 minutes
50 Pullups (jumping)
50 Dumbbell Push Presses (standing)

After reading quite a bit of information from Crossfit, Brand X, and personal anecdotes from Mountain Bikers, I decided to incorporate some of the CrossFit philosophy into my workout.  As I feel inspired, I’ll see if more or less CrossFit becomes a reality.

Why CrossFit philosophy?
Cycling and Scuba Diving leave major parts of the body unworked and/or atrophied.  Carrying heavy steel doubles on heaving boats for wreck diving, or up and down steps across uneven ground for Cave diving, or riding a mountain bike on twisting single-track requires good core strength.  Rather than just rely on those activities to get a core workout, I’d rather try to be proactive.  Also, these activities sometimes require maximum strength efforts that none of my favorite activities are providing preparation for (e.g. Road Cycling, Scuba)

It seems that CrossFit-type activities might fill the bill.

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