Feb 14th

As part of 3rd (of 3) CrossFit Foundation’s Class, went over the mechanics of the overhead squat, clean, push jerk. I struggled with the OHS, especially as we applied more weight to the bar.

I’ve got to develop more flexibility in my hip flexors and shoulders, maintaining a better upright position at the bottom of the squat, in order to improve this movement.

Clean and Jerk 30 reps, scaled 65# (Rx is 135#)
Time: 8:50

I’m finding the complexities of some of these more advanced movements challenging. These aren’t natural for me, and very awkward. I bet we took 20 minutes just trying to get the jump and shrug part of the clean down. The catch in the squat position was the first “natural feeling” part of the movement. I was over half through Grace before the Clean and Jerk started to feel smoother. I think the constant repetition, and the fatigue in my arms kept me from muscling through parts of it, and using more of the technique and explosion from the legs.

Anyway… good day… I look forward to being able to do these Olympic movements competently.  Just wish I hadn’t waited until age 43 to start learning this stuff.

Penny started her first Foundation’s Class today, and seemed to really enjoy it.  I told her that her Valentine’s gift from me was a gym class…lol… she preferred to think of it as private time with two handsome young gym studs that wore her out and left her sweaty and shaking…. gawd I love her! 🙂


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