Feb 18th

Penny finished up her 3rd (of three) Foundation classes tonight. Her workout was Grace.

Clean and Jerk 30 reps, scaled 45# (Rx 95#)
Time: 7:50 (Her time was 1 minute faster than mine was the other day… Grrrrr).

Tonight was my first session with the main group, so I learned several names (unfortunately I’ve forgotten most of them… lol)

500m Row

2 rounds of:
Back Extensions on the GHD* (10 reps)
Hip Flexions on the GHD* (10 reps) (used to be known as a Roman chair situp)
Push-ups (10 reps)
Overhead Squats (10 reps)

Workout of the Day (WOD):
Death by Pull-ups (1 PU first minute, 2 PU’s second minute, 3 PU’s third minute, etc until you can do the required number in that minute)
6 rounds complete + 2 PU’s in 7th round. (Assisted by Green stretch band). (Total 23 Pull-ups)

I’m surprised at what started out so incredibly easy quickly became very difficult.

My hands and forearms are yelling at me right now!



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