Feb 21st

500m row
1 Round of:

GHD Back Extensions (10 reps)
GHD Situps (10 reps)
Overhead Squats (10 reps)
Ring Rows (10 reps)

Skill Development:
5 step Snatch progression
Worked on Overhead Squats some more. Definitely seeing a big improvement in these as my hip flexors and shoulders are getting stretched out better!

Workout of the Day (WOD): (Scaled)
“Joshie” (a Hero workout named after a soldier that fell in Afghanistan)
3 Rounds of:
21 Snatches (Bob 45# Barbell; Penny 20# Barbell)
21 Jumping Pullups
Bob’s Time: 9:16
Penny’s Time: 10:09

Penny practiced L-sit progressions between two benches, and I held L-sits on the Rings and then the Pullup bar 30 seconds at a time for a couple of times each.

This was the first time we did a CrossFit workout together, so I know that my time was a lot better with her there pushing me than it would have been had I been with a group of strangers. Knowing how close she was, I stayed fairly anaerobic on the last round, something I definitely wouldn’t have done on my own. Nice job baby! You did great and motivated the hell out of me!


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