Pullup Practice

I wanted to take today as a quasi-rest day, but after doing some light warmup/stretching, wanted some more pullup practice to “grease the groove”.  After struggling with the rhythm on my Kipping Pullup yesterday, I decided to do 5 sets of 5 pullups to try to work on it.

After knocking out those pullups, I did some skill practice with the initial progression towards the Planche.  I need to work up to holding my weight, balanced over my hands, for a minute.  I didn’t get anywhere near a minute, but got the bright idea to do it on the rings to.  Fortunately, I didn’t do any face plants, but quickly realized that I wouldn’t be able to hold this for long yet.


Nicole (Pullups, Row)

Yesterday I installed a pullup bar (1″ rigid conduit) in the basement rafters just in time for today’s workout named Nicole. The bar was slipperier than shit, so I used some Gorilla tape on the bar… excellent grip now!!

20 Minutes (As many rounds as possible)

Max Pullups per round
500m Row

3, 3, 4, 6, 5, 6
Total 27

At the beginning, I couldn’t buy a kip to save my life.  That week and a half without access to a pullup bar did me no favors (the ring rows don’t help with the timing of a kipping pullup).  But on the positive side, by the end I had beat and tied my previous best pullups (5) in a row 3 times…. oh… and I got lots of rowing practice {roll eyes}. It was definitely different working out early in the morning, but the timing worked out well for me.

Fight Gone Bad (Thrusters, SDLHP, Box Jump, Push Press, Row)

Fight Gone Bad
In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating.  (This simulates a “three 5-minute-round” MMA fight.)
The stations are:

Thrusters two 15# DB’s
SDLHP (Sumo Deadlift High Pull) 60#
Box Jump 10″
Push Press 50#
Row (calories)

Count and total reps/calories from each station and round.

Round 1 (28, 15, 20, 17, 9) Total 89

Round 2 (19, 11, 18, 12, 11) Total 71

Round 3 (17, 12, 21, 15, 15) Total 80

Total 240

1000m Rows

1000 meter rows,
4 rounds,
rest as long as needed between rows. (rested about 5 minutes between each round)

4:44 (wasn’t sure what I could sustain)
4:03 (tried hard to break 4 minutes)
4:08 (totally gassed… saw lots of cool purple dots floating around)

Several hours later….
500m row

Ring Rows

Rowing Sprints

After Sunday’s workout of Deadlifts and 1K rows, I was pretty much incapacitated on Monday and Tuesday.  Today was the first I felt like doing something besides just doing some light warmup/stretching rows.

I warmed up a bit, then toyed around with some rowing sprints today: (meters, minute/seconds)

Approx 2 minute recovery between sprints.

250m, 1:01;
250m, 0:49;
400m, 1:26;
250m, 0:46;
250m, 0:49;
250m, 0:55;

Deadlifts, 1K Row


21 reps deadlift, 225 lbs.
1000m row
15 reps deadlift, 225 lbs.
1000m row
9 reps deadlift, 225 lbs.
1000m row

Time: 26:44

I’ve been taking more rest days between workouts now.  I don’t know if it coincides with being on the Zone Diet, but my recovery isn’t as quick as when I was taking the carb/protein supplements right before and after workouts to aid recovery.  I’ve not been taking those supplements since starting the Zone diet.

Split Jerks and Pullup Practice

After 3 rounds of warmup, I got to work on Split Jerks.

There are lots of things for me to think about on this new skill, so the weight was kept light to focus on form and technique.  Got lots of work to do on this, but looking forward to internalizing this better.

The second half of the day was spent on pullup work.  Spent a bit getting warmed up and doing some dead hang pullups, pullup negatives (jump up and slowly go lower down), and kipping pullups.

End up doing 10 rounds of:
3 negative pullups
3 kipping pullups

Did over 70 pullups today with warmup and workout… definitely a banner pullup day for me.

My next goal is to be able to rip off 10 pullups at a time.  It would be great to do 4 rounds of 10 by my 44th birthday next month!

Here’s a nice tutorial of the kipping pullup and why it’s used.

Cycling to Foster

We quickly ran out of daylight on Tuesday night,  so we couldn’t do a 20 mile ride as we’d hoped.  Instead, we got in a 10 mile ride and I focused on a high cadence, varying from 95 to 105.  The quads were burning nicely at the end of the ride.  Definitely the longest that I’d held a high cadence.

While our speed wasn’t that high, I definitely felt like hamster on a wheel!

Hang Power Cleans and Towel Pull Ring Rows

Monday’s Workout was a bitch… it was a scheduled CrossFit rest day, but I was out rappelling on Saturday, so I got to do Saturday’s WOD…. lucky me! 😦

5 Rounds of:
9 Hang Power Cleans catching in a full squat
21 Towel Ring Rows

Major suckage factor… my grip was so decimated that I missed several Clean attempts. Just the jump shrug was enough to dang near rip the bar out of my hands, forcing me to catch the bar in pretty deep squats.

Time: 31:23

Shoulder Press, Ring Dips, Ring Pushups, & J.T.

Sunday I did a modified form of the CrossFit workout called J.T.

It was supposed to be 21 reps, 15 reps, then 9 reps of: (in this exact order… 21 of each exercise, then 15 of each, then 9 of each)
Handstand Pushups
Pushups (regular)
Ring Dips

Instead, I scaled it a bit for my lack of shoulder strength and limitations.

Dumbell Presses with two 40# DB’s (bad choice, these sucked… did first 21 as shoulder presses, but most of the remainder as push presses with negatives used on the push presses.)

Ring Dips with Rings about 18″ off floor, feet on floor.

Ring Pushups, with rings same height as above. Figured these were a bit tougher than Rx’d with the rings, but were inclined a bit to make them easier.

Time: 17:25

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