Deadlift 1RM (max)

Was fairly stiff today after running a mile, and the other back jarring/use on Saturday. Sunday was no better moving a scuba compressor and cascade cylinders around.

500m row, extreme stretch situps on the GHD, slow back-hip extensions, deep squats, steep ring rows, more situps, BHE’s, pushups, then 250m more rowing.

Easy warmup 1 rep (1RM) deadlifts 95-115-135-155-185-205


This was my first time attempting a 1RM deadlift… there was lots of encouragement from others in the gym… felt pretty damn good… I sure didn’t hurt to watch others breaking their own personal records either… very motivational!

315# was the first weight that I really had to bear down on, so my 1RM is probably only a bit higher than that. Before my last two attempts, I was advised that no matter how good 300 felt, that 315 would be the highest I could go today. Keen insight! I used up a lot of energy too, so anything higher wouldn’t have been real productive today after all the previous lifts.

Great day! I was pretty pumped when I left the gym!

First attempt at maximum deadlift

First attempt at maximum deadlift


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