Pullup, pushup, situp, squats

500m row
situps on the GHD machine
back-hip extensions on the GHD
Overhead Squats (no weight)
Shoulder stretches
250m row

I went in today to primarily warmup/stretch and work on pullups, but there were three people gutting out a workout called Barbara.

Barbara is a workout that is a Met-Con (designed for metabolic conditioning… aka muscular endurance).

In it’s pure form, it is 5 rounds of (hell):
20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 Situps
50 Squats (no weight).

Each round is timed, and there is exactly a 3 minute rest between rounds.

I kinda got caught up watching it, especially after still being pumped from yesterday’s DeadLift. So I jumped in… well sorta… I sucked big time…. only did two rounds… even after they scaled the workout for me as 10 pullups -20 pushups -30 situps -40 squats (green band assisted pullups).

The deadlifts yesterday aggravated my shoulder a bit, but it felt good today after the warmup. However, today’s pushups and pullups did it again. Seemed prudent to stop since my form went to $hit and I was gassed beyond belief.

Meta-cons own me and my endurance sucks big time.

Tomorrow is another day! Viva la fitness!!

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