Back Squat, Shoulder Press, Deadlift

Warmup: (2 rounds)
Typical: 250m Row, situp, back ext, ring pushups, pullups, overhead squats

Very tight and stiff from yesterday’s workout, so I threw in another 250m Row for good measure.

Workout today was a strength composite called  “CrossFit Total”.

Back squat 235#
Shoulder press 125#
Deadlift 325#

Crossfit Total: 685 pounds total

First time going for a one rep max on back squat and shoulder press. I stayed conservative on the Squat, but felt strong… left a few pounds on the table, but had too many form breaks to try any higher weights, even though I explode well out of the squat at this weight..need consistency first.

I doubt I could have done any better on the Shoulder Press… that is definitely a weakness for me…. scuba and cycling have done me no favors in this area.

Deadlift was a personal record by 10 pounds (from last week) and felt strong… last week 315# was difficult, but this week 325# wasn’t bad considering I hurried the warmup and the 3 attempts to get back home and focus on work… need to dig for more next time.

I’m eager to work more on Back Squats and Deadlifts in the future to get some reasonable gains in both areas.  Wouldn’t mind seeing 100# more over the next few months in both areas, but I know my biggest opportunities for improvement remain the Metabolic-Conditioning exercises  (MetCons) that are timed and leave me gasping and pullups.


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