Some days you just have to limp through the warmup and call it a day.

My shoulders were painfully sore and tight today after Mon & Tues WOD’s, despite missing yesterday. I tried to warmup to do the 30 min AMRAP, but couldn’t get the pain out of my bothersome right shoulder. Tried hanging on the pullup bar, and even did some singles and doubles up pullups… lot’s of nice popping and stretching… but didn’t feel right so I didn’t push it. Focused on warmup exercises… did 4 plus rounds of warmups… and the shoulder felt looser at the end, but I didn’t have time to hang around 2 hours or so to get the shoulder working and still get the workout in…. so I called it a night.

Warmup… 4 rounds:
250m Row, situp, back ext, pushups, overhead squats, pullup hangs/singles/doubles

Tomorrow is another day!

Also…. We started the Zone Diet yesterday. Despite consuming more food than I thought possible, my stomach feels like it’s gnawing itself from the inside out. I think the cat is getting spooked because of the way I look at her and lick my lips. 🙂


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