Split Jerks and Pullup Practice

After 3 rounds of warmup, I got to work on Split Jerks.

There are lots of things for me to think about on this new skill, so the weight was kept light to focus on form and technique.  Got lots of work to do on this, but looking forward to internalizing this better.

The second half of the day was spent on pullup work.  Spent a bit getting warmed up and doing some dead hang pullups, pullup negatives (jump up and slowly go lower down), and kipping pullups.

End up doing 10 rounds of:
3 negative pullups
3 kipping pullups

Did over 70 pullups today with warmup and workout… definitely a banner pullup day for me.

My next goal is to be able to rip off 10 pullups at a time.  It would be great to do 4 rounds of 10 by my 44th birthday next month!

Here’s a nice tutorial of the kipping pullup and why it’s used.


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