Nicole (Pullups, Row)

Yesterday I installed a pullup bar (1″ rigid conduit) in the basement rafters just in time for today’s workout named Nicole. The bar was slipperier than shit, so I used some Gorilla tape on the bar… excellent grip now!!

20 Minutes (As many rounds as possible)

Max Pullups per round
500m Row

3, 3, 4, 6, 5, 6
Total 27

At the beginning, I couldn’t buy a kip to save my life.  That week and a half without access to a pullup bar did me no favors (the ring rows don’t help with the timing of a kipping pullup).  But on the positive side, by the end I had beat and tied my previous best pullups (5) in a row 3 times…. oh… and I got lots of rowing practice {roll eyes}. It was definitely different working out early in the morning, but the timing worked out well for me.


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