Ring Row/Chin-ups; Ring Dips; 250m Row

250m Row, Pushups, Squats,

I’m naming the new workout I made up as “PennyPue“.

10 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

Max Ring Rows or Ring Chin-ups with False Grip
Max Ring or Parallette Dips
250m Row (calories)

Total all Reps+Calories

Ring Rows with False Grip (15,15,6,5)
Ring Dips (13,11,5,4)
250m Rows (15,15,17,17)

Total: 148

Ring Rows  (14,5,5,5,2) (focus on Chin-up style)
Parallette Dips (7,6,7,6)
250m Rows (15,14,14,16)

Total: 116

This is a nice Sprint Workout that makes the Rower much more meaningful than as a filler/punishment as in the workout Nicole.  It made us both row with a vengeance to get the calorie points.  Penny also taught me a couple of nice tips/techniques for the rowing machine that will save my grip next time.


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