Annual Doctor Visit

I’ve been traveling the past couple of days, so I’ve used them mostly for rest, and a wee bit of skills practice. (e.g. Planche Progressions, Air Squats).

When I was at the doc the other day for my annual physical, I happened to mention that lately, since starting CrossFit, that my right shoulder bothers me sometimes with a dull ache, mostly when I do certain repetitive or strength movements. Since I’ve used him as a “family doc” for about 10 years now, I’d forgotten that his specialty was Sports Med and Sports Injuries. I also told him when I first had/caused the issue was several years back when I was doing about 100 pushups a day (as my only exercise… ). Now I typically feel it when doing pushups flat on the floor, or modified hand-stand pushups (feet supported on something), or sometimes Shoulder Presses.

He did some simple evaluations on my shoulder and called it an “Impingment”. He gave me some rehab exercises to see if I could reverse the imbalance in my delts (those years of pushups mostly hit the front delts and left the rear delts severely neglected.) The exercises he suggested also focused on the traps and rotator cuff areas.

He also explained that I needed to focus (for now) as much as possible on exercises that allowed each shoulder to operate independantly (e.g. dumbell presses vs bar presses, ring pushups vs hands flat on the floor).

It’s also nice that I have gymnastics rings, as this will let me continue to do pullups that don’t have my shoulders locked in a fixed position, and I can do the ring rows (laying upside down and pulling up to the rings… almost like a reverse pushup).

Other than that, doc said I was in the best shape he’d seen me in for the past 10 years… and keep doing whatever I’m doing (I told him it was primarily cycling and CrossFit)… He’s also a big proponent of the Zone Diet, so he was pleased to hear that I was following that now.

Doc did severely chastise me in one major area. My Thyroid prescription had run out last Thanksgiving, and due to a combination of work, flu, and my ability to supremely procrastinate on things “unimportant” to me, I’d just muddled through the lethargy and battled supremely against the weight gain that accompanies extremely low thyroid conditions (and was actually making some headway… I’d gained 15 pounds between T-day and Xmas eating cookies and overindulging.). He informed me that despite all of this, the WORST issue is that all my cells have a dampened oxygen uptake capability and there is the potential risk of Congestive Heart Failure (heart overworks itself trying to meet the demand for oxygen… each cell is calling for more, but the “gatekeeper” for each cell isn’t letting enough O2 into the cell.).

He said if I ever pulled a stunt like that again, he’d personal kick my butt.  I must say, after about a week back on the Thyroid meds, I’m bouncing off the walls and the weight is starting to peel off nicely. Woohoo!


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  1. crankyolebroad said,

    April 5, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    Wow! Thyroid, we gotta talk! LOL

    I’m assuming you’re hypo, not hyper-thyroid, right?

    I love, love LOVE my Armour Thyroid meds. I was half dead on Synthroid. Someday I hope to actually be off meds completely, but I wouldn’t go “cold turkey” for anything!

    I’d heard about the oxygen issue, but didn’t remember the specifics. When I first started working out just walking on the treadmill gave me problems due to my body being a whole lot more stressed than it should have been. I was on Synthroid but I just wasn’t doing well.

    I finally lucked out and had a discussion with a marathon runner and she told me my sumptoms were the same as hers when she severely overtrains……my theory is it was because my cells were just plain starved.

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