Full Day of Working Out and Cycling, including the WOD Nancy


Easy 1K Row
Rotator cuff and shrug exercises suggested by doc
Dead Hang chinups (using blue band).


17.5 mile Bike Ride from Kingsview Industrial Park to Loveland and back.
Time:  1hr 20min
A full accounting of our ride is in our Great Adventure Blog

Iced my right shoulder after cycling to reduce inflammation.


Warmup:  abmat situps &  supermans for back extentions, overhead squats with PVC, 250m Row, dead hang chinups on rings with blue band, kipping pullups on ring with blue band, handstand pushups with black & blue bands

WOD called Nancy (scaled)
(3 Rounds of 15 Squats & 500m row)
Bob 12:50 (95# Back Squats, 500m row)
Penny 10:30 (20# Overhead Squats, 500m row)

I couldn’t do a single overhead squat with anything but a pvc pipe.  Even with the 20# barbell, there was too much strain on my lower back as I started the squat due to my lack of flexibility yet (I pitch the overhead bar too far forward since I can’t keep my back upright enough in the squat and this strains my back trying to compensate).  Therefore, I opted for a back squat and did the Rx’d weight of 95# to make sure my hip flexors got the full impact of the workout.  I may need to start working with either a pvc pipe filled with sand or try using my old curling bar or light dumbells until I can do an overhead squat with some amount of weight and build from there.

Iced my right shoulder after the workout to reduce inflammation.

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