1RM Deadlifts, Rows

Penny and I did our own thing tonight for workout.  She just needed to mindlessly row after a rough day of work, and I wanted something that wouldn’t irritate my shoulders after all of the pullups yesterday… so I did deadlifts.

After warming up, Penny did:

500m Row
1000m Row

Then after a rest, she wanted to see if she could row a sub 2 minute 500m

500m Row 1:56  (nice job!)

I took a nice steady warmup on the deadlifts,

110 x 3; 135 x 3; 165 x 3; 190 x 3; 220 x 1; 240 x 1

Then started a steady climb:

260, 280, 310, 330PR, 345PR, 355PR, 365PR

I had a major form break on the 365.  Rounded the top of my back and my legs quivered a bit.  I was probably a bit too aggressive going for this, partially driven by the fact that I knew it was all the weight I currently had.  Probably should have stopped at 355 and savored that, but 355 was strong, back straight (Penny observing), and the pull was at a good pace.  Knowing I only had so much “in the tank”, I jumped weight a bit rapidly at the end.  Let you know how my body feels about that decision tomorrow.  lol


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