Thrusters and Pullups

Tonight was pretty cool.  Ken came over to sample some of the CrossFit style workouts.  I showed him some of the basics on squats and deadlifts before we went over some scaling for the Fran workout (thrusters and pullups in 21, 15, and 9 reps per set).  We decided that getting a good steep angle on some ring rows would be a good start for the pullup motion.  Also, so that Penny and I could focus on Ken’s squat form, we had him use dumbbells for the thruster press portion.  This way we could concentrate on his heels and knees to keep him as safe as possible in the movement.

Ken did a nice job and completed his workout in 4:55.  He put out a great effort and I think he’ll feel it tomorrow!

Penny scaled hers to 25# Thrusters and black band pullups.  She cranked out a great time of 7:56  , which was about 1:30 better than her last time, especially when you consider she was doing band pullups vs jumping pullups.

My shoulders felt better today, so I opted to try this with the barbell instead of dumbells (that would have allowed my shoulders to operate independantly).  I did my barbell weight to 50# vs the 45# I’d done previously.  I didn’t want to increase too much to allow me to try full pullups (as opposed to the jumping pullups I did the last time).  After about 5 pullups, my shoulders wanted none of that, so I quickly threw up the blue band on the bar and started cranking out the rest of the pullups, keeping the intensity as high as possible.  I finished mine in 8:33, which is about 2 minutes faster than my last effort where I did jumping pullups and 45# barbell.

We look forward to working out with Ken again, and Kristin seems interested too.  Ken’s a monster, so he will be nicely built for some of the heavier stuff we get to do.

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to a nice meal at the Viva Tequila mexican restaurant, where we got to hear about their recent trip to Ireland.  Sounds like it was a great one!

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