Deadlift 1RM

We were originally going to do 1RM Back Squats today, but 1RM Deadlifts came up on the main CrossFit site, so we made an executive decision… lol

After warmup, Penny went first:

70×3, 80×3, 90×3, 105, 125, 145PR, 155PR, 165PR, 175PR, 180PR, 185F

Penny beat her previous PR by 45#!!!!  Then did 1000m Row 5:49

I warmed up more and then:

110×3, 150×3, 170×3, 190, 240, 260, 310, 335, 340, 345, 350, 360

We reviewed video after each heavy lift to check form.  My previous PR was 365, but there were definite form errors, so this time I was extra careful from 335 and up.  On my heaviest two lifts, as I was putting the weight back down, my back was rounding, so I called it a day at 360 and didn’t try to tie 365.  I definitely wasn’t feeling it today, so I was happy to be so close to my previous PR.

I seemed to have reached the end of the “easy” PR weight gains from muscle recruitment.  Any future gains will probably have to come from building new muscle… and that’s not really my focus right now.  While maintaining my deadlift, I’ll start exploring my current limits on some of the other lifts (e.g. Back Squat, Shoulder Press, Power Clean, Jerk, Snatch)


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