Rowing Intervals, Shoulder Presses


4 Rounds
250m Row, 30 seconds rest, Paced easy at 2:45/500m


4 Rounds
250m Row, 30 seconds rest interval (target pacing was 2:00/500m or better)
1:01; 0:55; 0:55; 0:49

Skill Development:
Snatch Progression

Also, I’m finally able to start using a barbell with light weight for Overhead Squats (OHS).  Before, I could only handle a PVC pipe because my balance and flexibility were too far forward.  When I previously tried this with a barbell, even the weight of that would try to pitch me on my face as a squatted down, because I couldn’t move the barbell far enough back over my center of gravity.  It’s starting to come around though, but even using 20-30# limits how many reps I can get with the overhead squat.  It’s coming though, man, it’s coming!!

After Penny got home, I went through the rowing interval again, then had her go through the 250m Rowing intervals too.  While she was doing that, I did 3 sets of 10 Shoulder presses 40#.  Each set of 10 as quickly as I could with a 30-60 seconds of rest in between.

When Penny recovered (some) from her rowing, she did 3 sets of 10 shoulder presses 20#.

Not a bad day…. I collected 3000 meters of rowing, and Penny got about 2000.


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