Shoulder Press 1RM

Well… except for some minor warmup and hiking, the travel the past few days disrupted my schedule enough that I didn’t get any exercising done.

Got back home and decided that I would do the 1RM Shoulder Press from the CrossFit mainsite the other day.

Warmup including Rowing (30sec Row, 30 sec rest, 5 intervals)

Shoulder Press

20# x 10
40# x 5
60 x 5
70 x 3
90 x 1
100 x 1
115 x 1
120 x 1
125 x 1
130 x 1 PR
135 x 1 Fail

135 x 1 Push Press

I wasn’t very impressed that I only PR’d  the Shoulder Press by 5# from my previous best about 6 weeks ago.  My shoulders are definitely a weakness I need to start focusing on.  Not seeing the percentage gains that I did from the Squats and Deadlifts.


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