Power Cleans practice

Did a short video to critique my power cleans.

Beginner Power Cleans from Bob Overstreet on Vimeo.

  1. Need lifting shoes
  2. Even when I cued myself for “head-up, chest-out”, I see there is back rounding?!?  Do I need to sit back more into the deadlift position?
  3. Not releasing hook grip in the rack position
  4. Others?

5000m Row

Trying to get back into the flow of some of the workouts after vacation, so I started with a 5k meter Row.  My last (and only) attempt at this was 4/8/09 in 25:15.

To help set the pace, I programmed in 6 intervals and used a pace boat and increasingly faster pacing to warm me up and keep me moving.  My goal was to do 5000 meters in 25 minutes.

The pace is in parenthesis, followed by the actual time per 500m pace. (No stopping between intervals).

Interval 1– 500m (2:45) 2:32
Interval 2– 1000m (2:30) 2:28
Interval 3– 1000m (2:25) 2:24
Interval 4– 1000m (2:25) 2:23
Interval 5– 1000m (2:20) 2:17
Interval 6– 500m (2:15) 1:59

Total: 5000m, 23:38 (average 500m pace was 2:22)

Almost 2 minutes better than my last attempt!  Sweet!!! 🙂



Penny did her 5K after me when she got home and used my time for inspiration.  Sometimes it’s not a good idea to be going first!  She dusted me with a 23:10!!

Nice job baby!  {brickin’ brackin’ sassafrassin’}

Kettlebells, Cleans

While in the Seattle area, we visited with a friend from Scubaboard, Coach Izzy.  He co-founded a Strength and Conditioning facility called Next Step Conditioning on Bainbridge Island, across Puget Sound from Seattle.  On a surprise visit to his place, Izzy took a look at some muscle tightness and shoulder issues I have, and started working some of them out.  He invited us to come back the day before we flew out to workout with him. His blog can be found at Next Step Conditioning blog.

Izzy has competed in Olympic lifting and does a lot of kettlebell work, so we had the opportunity to work on:

  • kettlebell high pulls
  • kettlebell swings (one and two handed)
  • kettlebell cleans
  • Barbell cleans

Not only was it a good workout after our hiking days, it was also good to work on new skills!  We were also able to help him in a small way…. we’d just purchased the World Class Coaching DVD’s a week or so earlier for the Snatch and the Clean, so we knew where the website had moved!  Now he can replace his VHS copies… lol!

Thanks Izzy!  It was great meeting you!

Diane-esque WOD (Deadlifts, Shoulder Press)

Wanted to do a light workout prior to heading for the airport this afternoon, so I scaled today’s “Diane” workout way back.  Substituted Shoulder Presses for Hand Stand Pushups.

500m Row
GHD Hip/Back Extensions (practiced coming up past parallel  to about 60-75 degrees using a strong hamstring pull)
GHD Situps (started going down past parallel very slowly to feel the stretch and slowly, tightly back up)

Diane-lite (21 reps, 15 reps, 9 reps)

115# Deadlifts
60# Shoulder Presses

Time: 5:39

Last 14 Shoulder Presses turned into Push Presses.  Didn’t want to kill myself before heading out the door on vacation.

The deadlifts were just barely heavy enough to force good form during higher reps, and I made the shoulder presses too heavy for my wussy shoulders, so I had to finish out with Push Presses.

Cooldown: 250m Row

GHD Back Ext & Situp

This WOD makes great use of our new Sorinex GHD!

5 rounds
10 GHD back extensions
10 GHD Situps (only to just below parallel)

Time: 5:19

Cindy (Pullup, Pushup, Squats) or Rowing

After Penny warmed up, she decided to tackle a scaled version of the Cindy workout.

12 minutes, As Many Rounds as possible.

5 Pullups
10 Knee Pushups
10 Air Squats

Penny: 5 rounds + 5 pushups

I wussed out.  I had no motivation for working out tonight, but did do some rowing (4 Intervals 250m, 30 seconds rest) and some shoulder presses.

I started the Timer for Penny and then decided that the least I could do is row while she was working out.

10 minutes: 2100 meters

Considering I didn’t want to workout tonight, still managed 3000 meters rowing.

I think I pushed it a bit hard last night during the Power Cleans…. found another weak point in my body (besides my right shoulder) the arch in my left foot is now aching from the “jump/explosion” phase.  Going to have to baby that a bit for the next couple of days.  Fortunately, I see that tomorrow’s workout is GHD situps and back extensions, so that will keep the the focus elsewhere.

1RM Power Cleans

I’ve never done 1RM (Max Weight) Power Cleans before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  After a few brief warmup attempts, I escalated quickly to “heavier” weight.

Bob Workout:

65 x 5
75 x2
95 x 2
125 x 1
155 x 1 FAIL
135 x 1
145 x 1
150 x 1 Slammed my knees jumping too soon.
155 x 1
160 x 1
165 x 1 PR
170 x 1 FAIL
Pretty spectacular failure trying to squat under and barbell when flying with me off balance.  Called it a night!!

Penny Workout:

65 x 2
95 x 1 Fail
95 x 1 PR
100 x 1 Fail
100 x 1 Fail
95 x 1 PR

1000m Row, GHD, Cleans, Press


4 Rowing Intervals (250m, 30sec rest) 2:50/500 pace

2 Rounds:
10 GHD Back Ext
10 GHD situps

15 Cleans 65#
10 Presses 65#

10 Steep angle Ring Rows

1000m Row

Time: 3:50 (I couldn’t let Penny’s 4:02 PR last night stand over mine that long… lol)

10 Cleans 65#


250m Row
Green Band pullups (4, 4, 3)
Knee Pushups

15 Snatch 65#

Time: 2:45

1000 Row


1000m Row

Time: 4:02

She beat my best time by 1 second!

Hang Power Clean & Jerks


Row, GHD, Clean & Jerk PVC progression


Hamstrings still sore from intro back to GHD yesterday.  Lot’s of lung congestion still.  Decided to do hang power clean & jerks…. Reps 30. (Did not start from the deadlift position).

On overhead movements, I have to push the weights up between the basement trusses.  Kept shifting position during the cleans and jerks, so I kept bouncing the plates off the trusses… kept knocking me off balance.

Time: 2:49

Was coughing up a lung from all the jumping up and down… shook a lot of phlegm loose….  ugh…

Last time I did this one (2/14/09), was from the deadlift position with 65# and was my 3rd CrossFit Foundations class in a time of 8:20.  I think most of my time increase was from using the hang vs deadlift starting position, but I also need to increase the weight now… the jerks weren’t difficult at all at 65#.  I think the jerks should be made to be my limiting factor.

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