Back Extensions, GHD Situps, 250m Row

I’m still sporting a lot of junk in my chest that’s been breaking up the past few days (I think I passed it on to Penny), so I decided to just go through a circuit of 250m row, back extension, and GHD situps.  I was eager to get some use out of the new GHD machine, so this seemed like a great way to do it.  I haven’t used a GHD in over a month, so the extent of our back extensions and situps have been laying on the floor using the Abmat.  The range of motion on the GHD is incredibly different and intense.. I’m sure I’ll be feeling it the next couple of days!

Workout: (3 rounds)
250m Row
10 GHD Back Extensions
10 GHD Situps

I didn’t do this for time tonight.  Just didn’t have the lungs for it…. but I did try to push a bit harder than if I was just doing this for warmup.

I’m glad we sprung for the GHD.  It was a pretty piece of coin, but for an incredibly effective piece of equipment!


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