More Fitness Equipment

I was on a whirlwind tour of SW/Central Ohio, doing some equipment setup in Springfield for a class next week, so afterwards, I jumped over to Columbus and picked up some new fitness equipment at the “candy store“.

I got a new Sorinex GHD machine at Rogue Fitness today. Also got a commercial grade barbell, and 110# more of bumper plates. With the new, heavier barbell (with very smoothly rotating collars), that brings my barbell/weights total to an even 500#.  Doubtful I’ll be exceeding that with my deadlift anytime soon, but it will let Penny and I exercise simultaneously with weights on the light and the heavy bars for many of the exercises requiring weights. Now that I have 235# of bumper plates, dropping weight on a squat “bail-out” or from a jerk/snatch won’t cause harm to the floor.

…and my favorite part of all this equipment…. MADE in the USA baby!!!

I’m really looking forward to doing full range back extensions and ab/hip-flexor situps again!


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