Hang Power Clean & Jerks


Row, GHD, Clean & Jerk PVC progression


Hamstrings still sore from intro back to GHD yesterday.  Lot’s of lung congestion still.  Decided to do hang power clean & jerks…. Reps 30. (Did not start from the deadlift position).

On overhead movements, I have to push the weights up between the basement trusses.  Kept shifting position during the cleans and jerks, so I kept bouncing the plates off the trusses… kept knocking me off balance.

Time: 2:49

Was coughing up a lung from all the jumping up and down… shook a lot of phlegm loose….  ugh…

Last time I did this one (2/14/09), was from the deadlift position with 65# and was my 3rd CrossFit Foundations class in a time of 8:20.  I think most of my time increase was from using the hang vs deadlift starting position, but I also need to increase the weight now… the jerks weren’t difficult at all at 65#.  I think the jerks should be made to be my limiting factor.


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  1. May 10, 2009 at 6:25 am

    Good article…

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