Cindy (Pullup, Pushup, Squats) or Rowing

After Penny warmed up, she decided to tackle a scaled version of the Cindy workout.

12 minutes, As Many Rounds as possible.

5 Pullups
10 Knee Pushups
10 Air Squats

Penny: 5 rounds + 5 pushups

I wussed out.  I had no motivation for working out tonight, but did do some rowing (4 Intervals 250m, 30 seconds rest) and some shoulder presses.

I started the Timer for Penny and then decided that the least I could do is row while she was working out.

10 minutes: 2100 meters

Considering I didn’t want to workout tonight, still managed 3000 meters rowing.

I think I pushed it a bit hard last night during the Power Cleans…. found another weak point in my body (besides my right shoulder) the arch in my left foot is now aching from the “jump/explosion” phase.  Going to have to baby that a bit for the next couple of days.  Fortunately, I see that tomorrow’s workout is GHD situps and back extensions, so that will keep the the focus elsewhere.


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