Diane-esque WOD (Deadlifts, Shoulder Press)

Wanted to do a light workout prior to heading for the airport this afternoon, so I scaled today’s “Diane” workout way back.  Substituted Shoulder Presses for Hand Stand Pushups.

500m Row
GHD Hip/Back Extensions (practiced coming up past parallel  to about 60-75 degrees using a strong hamstring pull)
GHD Situps (started going down past parallel very slowly to feel the stretch and slowly, tightly back up)

Diane-lite (21 reps, 15 reps, 9 reps)

115# Deadlifts
60# Shoulder Presses

Time: 5:39

Last 14 Shoulder Presses turned into Push Presses.  Didn’t want to kill myself before heading out the door on vacation.

The deadlifts were just barely heavy enough to force good form during higher reps, and I made the shoulder presses too heavy for my wussy shoulders, so I had to finish out with Push Presses.

Cooldown: 250m Row


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