5000m Row

Trying to get back into the flow of some of the workouts after vacation, so I started with a 5k meter Row.  My last (and only) attempt at this was 4/8/09 in 25:15.

To help set the pace, I programmed in 6 intervals and used a pace boat and increasingly faster pacing to warm me up and keep me moving.  My goal was to do 5000 meters in 25 minutes.

The pace is in parenthesis, followed by the actual time per 500m pace. (No stopping between intervals).

Interval 1– 500m (2:45) 2:32
Interval 2– 1000m (2:30) 2:28
Interval 3– 1000m (2:25) 2:24
Interval 4– 1000m (2:25) 2:23
Interval 5– 1000m (2:20) 2:17
Interval 6– 500m (2:15) 1:59

Total: 5000m, 23:38 (average 500m pace was 2:22)

Almost 2 minutes better than my last attempt!  Sweet!!! 🙂



Penny did her 5K after me when she got home and used my time for inspiration.  Sometimes it’s not a good idea to be going first!  She dusted me with a 23:10!!

Nice job baby!  {brickin’ brackin’ sassafrassin’}


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