Power Cleans, Kettlebell Swings and Cleans

Penny worked on Power Cleans.  We did some video and review after each lift, which was instructive. I did her workout weight (65# & 95#) as warmup and then tried 145# since my form is starting to feel better.  This is about 85% of my 1RM, but felt much better than when I did it a few weeks ago.

One of the things that I was unhappy with after reviewing video yesterday, was my apparent rounding of the upper back.  With additional video and Penny coaching my back into position, I worked on a better back curve.

After we finished Power Cleans, I spent time working on Kettlebell Swings, transitioning from 2-hand to 1-hand swings, then hand-hand drills.  Finished up with one-arm KB cleans.

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