Deadlift 1RM

Given the way this week was going, and the easy 25 mile bike ride yesterday, I opted for a heavy day, chosing to do Deadlift 1RM (1 rep maximum).  I’m figuring this should work well given tomorrow will be a “sprint” workout day, and then Friday will be with the Olympic Weightlifting coach again doing skills.

2 Rounds
250m Row, 10 GHD Back Extensions, 10 GHD Situps, 10 Squats, 10 pullups

Deadlifts 1RM (Previous Best 365#)
165 x 5
255 x 2
305 x 1
355 x 1
370 x 1 PR


Cycling 25 Miles

Did a fairly easy 25 mile ride tonight down the Little Miami Trail.