Olympic Weightlifting Skills

Tonight was our second visit with the USAW coach at the Cincinnati Weightlifting Club.  We continued to work on skills related to the Snatch movement.  Tonight’s skills focused more (for me) on shoulder positioning and keeping the core tight and trying to maintain active arms during the pull.

It was plenty hot and humid in the gym, so we were dripping all over the bar and drenched by the time we left, but admittedly, it felt pretty danged good.  Other than a bit of frustration in not getting some positioning and timing right, I like working on the movements.  Already, I’m feeling the results of holding new positions in my legs, back, shoulders, and arms…. just not used to holding and achieving certain movements yet, but it will come!!


500m Rows

We were hoping to get out and do some cycling tonight, but by late afternoon the winds had picked up a lot and the recent 90F temps were causing thunderstorms to start exploding all over the place…. so, we opted for some high intensity rowing instead.

2 rounds
250m Row, 10 GHD Back Ext, 10 GHD situps, 10 pushups, 10 pullups, 10 squats

500m Row Sprints
Penny: 1:52, 1:59, 2:08
Bob: 1:43, 1:44, 2:01, 2:00

We both were gassed and shaking when we got done, but I had enough energy to joke about doing one more round. Penny had just enough left to give me a gesture with her hand! I think it was her way of saying “You’re number one!!” 🙂