Cycled 18 miles using the heavy Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bike.  Penny was on her lighter road bike, so it was quite a workout trying to keep up with her.



Cycled 50 miles… used new heavier touring bike… and loaded panniers with about 30# of gear/stuff.

Snatch Workout and Associated Skills

Warmed up at home:

250m x 4 (30 sec rest)
1st leg: Focus on light wattage, stroke rate around 27 spm
2nd leg: Focus on higher wattage, stroke rate around 17 spm
3rd leg: Focus on “medium” wattage, stroke rate around 29 spm
4th leg: High wattage, stroke rate around 24 spm

At the Club:

Snatch Balance, Snatch Drop, Overhead Squat (performed one after another as a triplet) x 5

Snatch Footwork x10 (rise on toes in jumping position and drop and slide feet into squat position

Hang Snatch (starting above knees) x 3 x 5

Hang Snatch (starting below knees on one box) x 3 x 5

Romanian Deadlifts x 5 x 3

Even though weight was increased on most subsequent sets after the first one, the focus remained singularly on technique.  On some of the sets of Snatches at the end, it started to feel like I was starting to “get it”.  I hope to keep building on that.

Row 1K

Easy 1k Row;

5 Deadhang Pullups

10 GHD Back Extensions

10 GHD Situps


Cycled 30 miles

Rest Day and Easy Row

Needed an easy active rest day after yesterday’s ride and still being sore from Thursday’s lifting.

Bob: 1K Row

Penny: 2K Row

Didn’t pay attention to the time (it’s in the Rower’s LogCard)… just rowed to warmup and stretch a bit.


Cycled 40 miles

Time: 3hr 10min

Olympic Lifting

Warmed up at home before going to the club:
Row 1k 4:33
Pullups (black band) 10 x 2 (nice slow pace as a shoulder stretch/warmup)

Tonight was more Olympic weightlifting skills goodness!  Great workout tonight, and the upright back positioning is continuing to improve!

Overhead Squats 8 x 4

Back Squats 6 x 4

Snatch Foot work (rise up on toes, then drop into squat position with good upright posture) 10 x 3

Snatch Extensions (floor to explosive “shrugs”*) *not really a shrug but momentum imparted to the bar on the upward explosion 8 x 3

Romanian Deadlifts 6 x 5

2K Row

Feeling some DOMS from yesterday’s workout, so for “rest day” did an easy 2K Row in 9:39. Felt good… need to use same technique for a PR sometime.

My 2K Row PR is 9:09 a couple of weeks ago, and was 9:49 in June.  Applying some new techniques from watching Rowing videos, today’s 9:39 was particularly easy… not even breathing that hard.  Need to “pedal to the metal” sometime soon using this effective “low strokes per minute, high power output” methodology.

Oly lifting Snatch Practice

Started off with Overhead Squats ?65 x 8 x 3.  I think the weight was around 65# and higher, but not sure.

Next thing was work on Hang Snatch.  Having trouble with my foot work, so we lightened the weight, and then kept hammering on the hang snatch, catching in as deep a squat as possible.  My shoulders were feeling really good tonight, so rather than moving on to other exercises, we kept cranking out sets of 8 until we were pretty tired from all the explosive moves.

Finished up with explosive Snatch Deadlifts from the “deep” squat-like starting position.  It wasn’t until my last rep that I finally got to the point where I got really good back arch with my a$$ really low on the start of the pull.

I was “plum-tuckered out” after about an hour of this, so we called it a night even though Chris had more things on the list that we could have worked on.  With the fatigue, didn’t figure anything else good could be gained tonight.

Great practice and starting to finally get a good feel for some of the Snatching movements!  Woohoo!!

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