10k Row

Put it off long enough…. finally did 10k Row… 48min 53sec…2:26/500m Average

Got stronger as I went, but had to use lots of positive self-talk, especially after the 5k mark!!!

Split Times per 2000m (time, distance, ave per 500m, strokes per minute)

10:45, 2k, 2:41, 26
9:58,   4k, 2:29, 28
9:41,   6k, 2:25, 29
9:26,   8k, 2:22, 30
9:03,  10k, 2:15, 30

The remarkable thing was that each of the last three 2000m splits were all faster than when I rowed 2000m by itself for a PR (9:49) less than a month ago.

Now that I’ve satisfied my morbid curiosity about what that would feel like, I need a cool dark hole to crawl into now!!


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