Oly lifting Snatch Practice

Started off with Overhead Squats ?65 x 8 x 3.  I think the weight was around 65# and higher, but not sure.

Next thing was work on Hang Snatch.  Having trouble with my foot work, so we lightened the weight, and then kept hammering on the hang snatch, catching in as deep a squat as possible.  My shoulders were feeling really good tonight, so rather than moving on to other exercises, we kept cranking out sets of 8 until we were pretty tired from all the explosive moves.

Finished up with explosive Snatch Deadlifts from the “deep” squat-like starting position.  It wasn’t until my last rep that I finally got to the point where I got really good back arch with my a$$ really low on the start of the pull.

I was “plum-tuckered out” after about an hour of this, so we called it a night even though Chris had more things on the list that we could have worked on.  With the fatigue, didn’t figure anything else good could be gained tonight.

Great practice and starting to finally get a good feel for some of the Snatching movements!  Woohoo!!


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