Snatch Workout and Associated Skills

Warmed up at home:

250m x 4 (30 sec rest)
1st leg: Focus on light wattage, stroke rate around 27 spm
2nd leg: Focus on higher wattage, stroke rate around 17 spm
3rd leg: Focus on “medium” wattage, stroke rate around 29 spm
4th leg: High wattage, stroke rate around 24 spm

At the Club:

Snatch Balance, Snatch Drop, Overhead Squat (performed one after another as a triplet) x 5

Snatch Footwork x10 (rise on toes in jumping position and drop and slide feet into squat position

Hang Snatch (starting above knees) x 3 x 5

Hang Snatch (starting below knees on one box) x 3 x 5

Romanian Deadlifts x 5 x 3

Even though weight was increased on most subsequent sets after the first one, the focus remained singularly on technique.  On some of the sets of Snatches at the end, it started to feel like I was starting to “get it”.  I hope to keep building on that.


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