1hr 20min of cycling.  Toggled between high cadence (easy gears) and high effort (hard gears) to hit some aerobic, then muscle strength.  Even threw in a big hill for good measure.


4 Hour Bike Ride

4 hours of pedaling down to Cincinnati and back.

Olympic Lifting – Skills for Cleans

Morning: 5 minute row to warm my body up.  1017 meters.

Afternoon: 5 minute row to get ready for Oly lifting. 1045 meters

Olympic Lifting – Skills for Cleans:
Ankle flexibility
Shoulder flexibility and pullovers laying on a bench for stretching.

Goblet Squats

Angled Bar rows (inverse bench press) focused on squeezing shoulder blades together.

Hang Shrug Triplets:
Slow shrug, slow shrug, explosive shrug with fast elbow whip and squat under.

Clean Deadlifts (two boxes high)

Clean Deadlifts (one box high)

Sore lower back and dead tired afterwards.

Olympic Lifting

Snatch Balance
Drop Snatch
Overhead Squat

Snatch Footwork

Good Mornings

Snatch Deadlift on 2 boxes above knees
Snatch Deadlift on 1 Box below knees

Rolling Hills and Flat Trails

Turned it up a notch with the heavier bikes and did about 25 percent of the 20 mile ride on rolling hills.

Biking and Hiking

Biked 20 miles, including some rolling hill road work.  Hiked 5 miles on mountain bike trails.

Cycling Hill Climb and Sprints

Finally conquered my personal “Hill of Death”.  It’s a hill that rises 125ft in 1/4 mile… about a 9.5% grade.  For this flat-lander, that’s a lot of hill, and I’ve been battling it mentally for 14 months.  I’ve only tried it a handful of times, but it has weighed on my mind and influences my route whenever I think about going that direction.

By using my lowest gear on my heavy touring bike, I was able to use cardio effort rather than “toast” my legs trying to muscle up the hill.

We also did a 15 mile ride out and back to Morrow, doing some Sprints and in general, pushing these heavier bikes harder than we would if they were loaded with touring gear.

Great workout and plenty tired, but enjoying the feeling of success!!

Rowing 250m

Rowing 250m, 30 second rest (x4)

Flexibility work for ankle.

Back Extensions, GHD situps

Squat Flexibility

Varied intensity cycling

Took a 15 mile ride.  Rode at different intensities.  Easy Warmup, Fast Draft switching lead, Sprint/Coast intervals, Cool down.  Fun and varied!

Mountain Biking

2 hours of mountain biking.  Approx 8 miles of single track.

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