Short Intense Bike Ride

Haven’t been feeling myself for the past few days…. heavy bruising and back twinges.  Loading and Unloading training equipment for work today didn’t help.  But I just didn’t feel like sitting around all evening, so we went for a short 6 mile road ride…. some nice rollers with a couple of good moderate hills.  Despite the hills, we kept the average pace at over 17 mph, and just coasted down the hills, so the average speed wasn’t padded much (max speed 24mph).

When I hit the hills, I didn’t change gears, but instead forced myself out of the saddle to power over the top.  This help toast my quads pretty fast, but in a good way.

Lately, we’ve OD’d with LSD on our LHT’s… or we’ve been doing entirely too much “long slow distance” mileage on our touring bikes on the relatively flat rail trails.  I’ll never get my legs any stronger like that, so this short intense rolling hill workout was just the ticket we needed for a change of pace!!  Also… I think I finally have my Black B17 saddle dialed in nicely.  I road without any padded shorts… just compression shorts and gym shorts….. NICE!!

Here’s to “Rockin’ the Rollers!”


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