Row, KB Swing, Pullups

Trying to ease back into higher intensity workouts.  My back doesn’t seem quite ready for it yet (from falling off the bridge mountain biking Sept 3), so I’ll just proceed and listen to it closely.

Took the CrossFit WOD “Helen” and modified/scaled it from there.

3 Rounds for time:

250m Row
11 KB swings 25# (Russian style… eye level) (felt in my back, had to moderate my effort)
12 Pullups (Black Band)  Need to ease my shoulder ligaments into this movement again.

Time: 8:19

It’s been a long summer just enjoying cycling, so I took everything at a moderate pace.  For instance, my row pacing was around 2:30/500m… nothing blazing, but just trying to keep the intensity up.  I’ve picked up a lung congestion, either from the abrupt temperature drop or one of the guys in class the past couple of weeks, so it didn’t take much to keep the intensity “up”.  Keep thinking… go easy… go easy… go easy.  Originally considered doing only 6 pullups per round, but since they were “easy” with the black band, I bumped them up to the original WOD quantity.

FYI…. Helen WOD un-scaled

3 rounds:
400m Run
21 KB Swings 55# (American style… bell above head)
12 Pullups


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