Light Rowing and Spinning

Very stiff when I got up this morning, so I did three 250m Rows to loosen/warm up for the day.

15min of easy spinning on the bike with the resistance trainer. Kept gearing easy, but ended with bursts of extremely high cadence (150rpm, 23mph).


Road Cycling

Easy cycling on the road. 6-10mph headwind outbound.

22miles, 1:30, 13.5mph ave, 29mph max

Cycling Sprint Training

Nice 15 minute warmup at low speed (10-12mph), high cadence 90+.

Started with 10 second sprint bursts (25+mph; 120+rpms); 10 seconds rest
Did that for 6 cycles.

Max’d out gears and sustained 40+mph for 30 seconds

Idled back to 20-22mph and held that steady until my overall average MPH reached 15mph (including warmup).

Total: 22 minutes; 5.7 miles; 15.1mph ave; 41.3mph max (PR)

Leisurely cycling and Workout cycling

Bike Ride on the Little Miami trail with our touring bikes. 17 miles; 1hr 40min; leisurely pace looking at the fall foliage

Bike Ride in flat windy NW Ohio with my road bike. 16 miles; 1hr; head winds in all directions; ready for bed… LOL

5 Station 10 minute AMRAP

Wed Evening:
Penny and I did a 5 Round, 10 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

We included exercises that we’ve been neglecting this summer with all the Oly Lifting and Cycling.

5 each per round
Pullups (Penny black band, Bob chinups with green band)
Shoulder Press (Penny 25#, Bob 45#)
Situps (Penny situp pad, Bob GHD)
Dips (Penny parallettes, Bob rings)
GHD Back Extensions

Penny did 6 rounds (30 reps) of everything except Back Extensions (25 reps)
Bob did 7 rounds (35 reps) of everything.

Dropped the Jeep off for Service and Cycled Home.

Dropped the Jeep off for service at the dealership and rode my Touring bike home (Surly Long Haul Trucker). I had mapped out some relatively easy routes to keep me off the high traffic roads. However, there was one spot that was unavoidable, and quite possibly, one of the highest traffic spots in my neck of the woods, and one that I hate to go in a vehicle. For those in the know, it’s the intersection of Mason-Montgomery and Fields-Ertel Roads, right where many suburbanites get off and on Interstate 71 for their commutes into Cincinnati. I now have a better understanding why the Regional Bike Consortium (OKI) has these roads marked red (not recommended) and a big red dot at this intersection.

I did chose a way through that was right hand turns though, and wisely, I chose to wait until near the end of rush hour to ride home. Even so, it was quite intense and adrenaline packed. In fact, just getting through the one high traffic choke point left me so stoked with adrenaline, that I threw out my original “lower traffic” route and just rode all the way down Mason-Montgomery. Actually, it was a combination of “I forgot” and “how bad can it be from here… I’m through the worst of it”…. or it could have been that semi-truck that was barreling down on me near I-71 that kept me intensely pedaling for all it’s worth. Seemed like every time I looked down I was over 20 mph and 100rpm cadence.

It was a bit surprising to me that I could consistently out-accelerate cars from a stop at a red light…. on my steel bike, no less! My other “take-away”… I’m much more confident about “taking” the lane at a stop light or stop sign (there were many opportunities for practice!)

So… 8 miles; 30 minutes; 28mph max; 16mph average.

What’s slightly embarrassing is that this was better than what I did on my road bike last night sitting on the trainer watching a Race DVD… LOL

I hope I get Green “karma” points for this!

Snatch Lifting and Cycling Race DVD

Went to Olympic Lifting without warming up first… bad move… started straining my knees…. gave up… spent time on a recumbent bike… and went back at… much better…. too old to NOT warmup at home prior to the gym…. need lots of time… now I’m feeling like spending time on the bike just spinning…

Snatch Balance
Snatch Drop
Overhead Squat
Good Morning

Barbell Row (emphasis on tight back)

Romanian Deadlift

After Dinner…. Cycling at Home to Workout DVD:
Warmup 15 minutes
Race Pace 10 minutes (blew up after 10 minutes)
Cooldown for 7 minutes
Total Time: 32 minutes;  7.74 miles; 14.5mph ave; 28mph max

Cycling Trainer DVD Warmup

Used the Quest DVD that came with the Cyclops trainer and did the 15 minute pre-race warmup.

Light, Medium, Hard intensity then cool-down.

3.82 miles; 15.8 mph ave; 28.5 mph max

Light Interval Training and Cycling on the Trainer

Right upper back has a “pinch”, either from the Clean Shrugs or some Pullups I was doing on Thursday.

Light interval training:
250m Row, GHD Back Extension with pause at the top, GHD Situps, Ring Rows

Cycling on the Resistance Trainer:
5 minute warmup at moderate cadence (Middle Chain Ring – 2nd Gear) 10mph
5 minute ramp up to cadence 100RPM (Increasing one gear per minute) 12-20mph
5 minute Alternating between Big Ring-8th Gear for one minute, Middle Ring-8th gear for one minute (28mph & 20mph)
5 minute cooldown from Middle Ring-8th gear, reducing one gear per minute.

Total distance: 5.2 miles; 15mph average; 28 mph max

Olympic Lifting – Clean Practice

At Home:
5 minutes of rowing, 1016 meters

At Club:

Warmup of hip flexors (leg swings, lunges)

Superman (with 5# weights in hands)

Clean Shrugs (x3), then hang clean from just below hips (3 sets of this sequence)

Hang Clean sequence (Just below hip, just above knee, just below knee) x4

Back began tightening up.  Also need to work on my pull and elbow speed on the clean.

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