Chiropractic Visit

Went to see a friend from High School in Indiana today.  We used to workout together at each others house before I moved to Ohio.  He’s also a chiropractor that has a rather unique approach, so I wanted to see what he could do for me after my fall off of the bridge.

Well… the Xrays showed that my back had a side to side curve just a couple of degrees away from “classic” scoliosis.  That’s how far I’d twisted myself up from the fall.  In fact, one leg was an inch shorter than the other.  Heck… If I’d gone jogging I could have run in circles..  Good thing I pedal a bike and have steering. LOL.

Had the first of many painful adjustments today.  Before he started, he said you’re going to really feel this first one…. he was right… but I felt the first 5 or so adjustments too.  Either I got numb after that or those body parts fell off… not sure.  Already my legs are even, but feels like he took a bat to my back… OWWWWW!!

…but hey… gotta get this taken care of before the muscles “take a set” and get used to it!  Now I’m glad I’ve haven’t been doing any barbell workouts!


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