Cycling on the Trainer

Trial run on the new cycling trainer, a Cyclops Super Mag Resistance unit.  My “go fast” bike hooks up well to it.

Workout 1:
10 minute warmup, with incrementally increased intensity.
Did a “Tabata Sequence” consisting of 20 sec max rpm (approx 130), then 10 sec rest (Repeat 4 times)

Total time on bike… 15 minutes.  Max Speed 24.5mph; Ave speed 12mph.

Workout 2:
Did a bit of a pyramid type workout.  After a couple of minutes of easy pedaling, started off slow and easy with a cadence around 80rpm, then every 30 seconds increased a gear.  At about 7 minutes, cranked to max gear and pedaled for all I could get for about 20 seconds, then rapidly descended gears.
Cooldown for remainder of 15 minutes to get heart and respiration down.

Total time on bike 15 minutes. Max Speed 40.7mph; Ave speed 14mph.

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