Overhead Squats and Snatch Practice

Warmup: (Used right shoulder wrap)

250m Row with 30 seconds rest (Repeat 4 times)
PVC bar stretches (belly button to overhead to small of back and return)
Overhead Squats with the PVC bar
Hang Shrugs


I haven’t had the opportunity to work on the explosive snatch move since biking accident, so tonight was a slow re-introduction)

Hang Power Snatch (starting position above the knees and finishing with very little squat)
PVC bar (x3)
25# (x3) (video review)
25# (x3) (video review)
25# (x3) (video review)
35# (x3) (video review)
35# (x3) (video review)
45# (x3) (video review)
45# (x3) (video review)
75# (x3) (video review)

45# Overhead Squat (x5)
75# Overhead Squat (x5)

After comparing video from earlier in the summer, I was pleased with the evolution of my back position (curve), and motion of the bar.


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