Cycling, Rowing, and Olympic Lifting Skills

Tues AM:
Warmup on the the cycling trainer 10 minutes.

6 minute Hi-Cadence Intervals with easy gear
100-110 RPM maintenance/cooldown pace
120-125 RPM medium pace (1 minute)
165-170 RPM anaerobic pace (5-10 seconds)
Repeated interval twice

My bike was vibrating the floor in the condo and the lamps were bouncing on the end tables. Glad nothing fell off and broke!! LOL

I’ve never pedaled that high of a cadence, but it sure made the 100-120 rpm range seem a lot easier and smoother. Curious to see how much of this will translate to the road next time out.

Tues PM:
warmup: 250m row x 4 with 30 sec rest intervals

Back Squats with focus on good supported upright back positioning.

Behind the neck press with Snatch Grip, Overhead Squat, Good Morning (this sequence x 5)

Transitional Deadlifts (between shins and middle of thigh) 110# x 5 x 3

Bent Over Rows (50# x 5 x 3)

All exercises were with special focus on back position… good strong tight core.


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