Front Squats

Last night I’d made a note that I wanted to do Front Squats tonight… thinking maybe 3RM (3 rep maximum) Front Squats.  So today when I saw the daily CrossFit Workout (WOD) in my email, I was intrigued both by the timing and the randomness of the rep pattern…. enough so that I gave it a shot… scaled.

The workout as prescribed was for Front Squats (1RM – 10RM – 1RM – 20RM – 1RM – 30RM).  I’ve tried to adapt a mentality of “do no harm”, so I mellowed the workout down so I wouldn’t kill myself.  I decided 1RM – 5RM – 1RM – 10RM – 1RM – 15RM.  That still gave me plenty of reps and practice with the Front Squats and also testing my max after getting a PR about 12 days ago.


Row 250m x 4 with 30 second rest

Handstand pushups (assisted) (My shoulders were toast from the pullup/push-press workout yesterday, so this was more about getting into position.)  I did end up with humorous video that I need to post… humiliation is a wonderful thing!

Front Squat Warmup
45# x 3
75# x 3
95# x 3
145# x 3
145# x 3
235# x 1

Front Squat Workout (1RM – 5RM – 1RM – 10RM – 1RM – 15RM)
260# x 1 PR
145# x 5
265# x 1 PR (When I was re-racking the weight after my lift, missed the rack on one side and strained my wrist a bit holding the weight to get back into place… almost quit, but took a few extra minutes then continued)
95# x 10
235# x 1
95# x 15

Total of all 6 Loads (260, 145, 265, 95, 235, 95) = 1,095lbs

Novel workout and a great way to unwind after 6 hours of driving today!  Set two Front Squat PR’s!!  260, 265# (Previous PR 255)


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