Making the Most of Your New Year’s Resolution!

I’ll share some things I’ve learned/reinforced from finally managing to successfully exercise all year last year. (woo hoo!!)

Muscles make faster improvements/gains than things like ligaments, so go easy on your intensity increases, or at least give yourself a few days of rest between “maximal” or “near-maximal” efforts to help avoid strains or long rehab/recover.

My current motto:

  1. Do no harm! (is does little good if damage you do keeps you from enjoying other activities)
  2. Try to be better this month than you were last month (in whatever metric(s) you choose to use… e.g. speed, strength, duration, lbs, fat loss, etc). A good goal is continuous and incremental improvement with a focus on consistency and good habits.

Another thing that can be helpful… start yourself a log or even a blog to make notes of your workout or progress. Knowing others might be looking at it can help when your motivation is low!


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