Rowing at Race Pace

I’ve been reading an article about strategies for reaching a milestone of a 2k Row in 7 minutes.  One of the workouts broke the 2K into 42 second segments and then row at least 200 meters in each segment, then rest for 30 seconds in between.  Doing 10 of these would give you a 2K row at pace with rest intervals.

Tonight I used the workout as a warmup and as a test to see how many 200+ meter intervals I could string together.  Each 200m interval would approximate the feeling of a 1:45/500m pace necessary for a 7minute/2K Row.

:42  124m   2:49/500m pace, 30 seconds rest
:42  142m   2:27/500m pace, 30 seconds rest
:42  144m   2:25/500m pace, 30 seconds rest
:42  152m   2:18/500m pace, 30 seconds rest
:42  172m   2:02/500m pace, 30 seconds rest
:42  204m   1:42/500m pace, 30 seconds rest
:42  201m   1:44/500m pace, 30 seconds rest
:42  203m   1:43/500m pace, 30 seconds rest
:42  205m   1:42/500m pace, 30 seconds rest

I only managed 9 intervals, stringing together the last 4 at “race pace”.  After the first two at “race pace” I was gasping pretty good, and after the fourth, I lacked the mental fortitude and was gasping too much to even give the 10th interval a go.  I guess this means I have some room for improvement…. LOL


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