Hang Power Snatches


42 second row with 30 sec rest, 6 intervals, 1000 meters

Kettlebell windmills 10#, 3 per side

35# Muscle Snatch (no hip pop) x 4


Looking for a little bit of explosive/power work and to test my shoulder comfort.

Hang Power Snatch
35# x 4
45# x 4 x 2
55# x 3 x 2
65# x 3
85 x 1
105 x 1 (PR)

I haven’t done snatches in almost a month, so this was a good test for my shoulder (the KB Windmills really seem to be doing a good job on my shoulder flexibility/comfort for the final snap at the top of the snatch).  I wasn’t really intending to attempt a PR, but the lower weights were going up much easier than I’d expected.  The gain wasn’t strength related, but better  technique and feeling more confident with how shoulder is reacting.


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