Met-Con: 1000m Row, Pullups, Thrusters

I fell off the wagon and have been quite the slug since last Thursday’s workout.  Not only that, I’ve indulged in a few Canadian brewskis and a pint of high fat ice cream, and consumed pizza during a business meeting, things that normally aren’t on my list.  To jolt my body back into reality, I pulled up a workout I’d done before to see if I’d made any progress since I last did it.


500m Row
10 Air Squats
5 Squat Thrusters 45# (Front Squats plus Push Presses)
10 Ring Rows


A CrossFit met-con called “Jackie” for time.

1000m Row
30 Pullups (Green Band)
50 Thrusters #45

Time: 11:10 (1:14 faster than last time)

This workout looks simple on paper, but so totally kicked my ass.  I had to break the thrusters up into groups of 10 to get through them.  Even a couple of hours later still a tad shaky.  Serves me right for falling off the wagon and self-indulging for the past few days.


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