Deadlifts and Windmills

After reading the Primal Blueprint, I’ve been restricting my Carbs to jump start some weight loss (but not to the point of ketosis aka Atkins) by getting plenty of good lean protein and quality fats  (e.g. Nuts, Seeds).  So far so good, dropping 9# in the past 4 weeks without being hungry.  In fact, my appetite and energy has been pretty good (no need to eat on a fixed basis or feeling jittery energy wanes).  I’d already eliminated sugar and most high glycemic carbs from my diet in the past year, so this has been more about snugging the reigns up some.

Grok’s Rule #4: Lift Heavy Things

Deadlifts (barefoot)
115# x 10
205# x 5 x 2
(Haven’t done deadlifts in a couple of months, so I took it easy.  Didn’t want my back to get too grumpy tomorrow, so I didn’t make the jump to 300+lbs.)

KB Windmills (barefoot)
50# x 3/side (PR)

Previous best on Windmills was 35#


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