Windmills and Hauling Boxes

Plenty of travel and meetings lately left me run down and quasi-sick for the past few days.  Even minor things left me drained.

Saturday I made myself haul and take more items to storage… mostly at a snail’s pace.  While in the basement, I couldn’t avoid picking up a Kettlebell, so I grabbed the 50# and did a windmill. Knowing that 50# is the largest KB I have, I wondered how tough it would be do a Windmill with a Barbell.  It’s long and relatively unwieldy, so I grabbed the 35# bar vs the 45# bar.  Once I found the center of gravity, I gave it a go and it worked.  Now I’ve got a way to increase weight beyond 50# and balance a barbell over my head with one hand… LOL

Hopefully I’ll feel up to more tomorrow to get workouts back into full swing.


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