Reverse Hyper, Rope Pulls, Ring Chinups, Front Squat

I wanted to test the ability to do Reverse Hypers (Low back exercises) on our Glute-Ham Developer (GHD) after reading an article regarding the benefit of decompressing the lower back (especially after heavy squats or deadlifts).


Reverse Hyper x 10 x 2 (second set with blue band providing resistance)
Rope Pulls x 10 x 2 (laying back and pulling myself from 60 degree angle to 30 degree angle)
Ring Chinups x 5 (using false grip)

I had a 205# weighted barbell from Deadlifting the other day that I wanted up on the rack at chest level.  If I could Power Clean that much weight (which I can’t), it would have been a cake walk, but instead of just taking the weights off and moving the barbell up, I deadlifted the weight up to the bottom stops at hip level.  Then I squatted under the bar and got into a good Front Squat position.  If I’d gone any lower, my a$$ would have been on the ground beneath my feet, so this was a good test to see if I could move this weight from a dead stop at the bottom of the squat. (Normally the squat is a bit of a plyometric movement that takes advantage of the “rubber band” effect of the muscles to help “lift” you out of the bottom after being stretched during the descent).  After a moment or two of 2nd thoughts, I gave it a hearty go and stood up with the weight.  My best Front Squat is 265#, but I’ve NEVER started that low in the bottom of a squat with a weighted barbell, nor have I done heavy squats in the past couple of months.  Success!!!  Must be all the low squats I’ve done moving and packing boxes into storage for the past month… LOL


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