KB Press, OHS, and L-Sits

The saga of my sprained left foot continues to plague me.  Even though it started to hurt initially from sprinting up stairs and barefoot weightlifting, I’m starting to think it could be a re-occurrence of some plantar fasciitis I experienced about 3 years ago, possibly from weak high arches.  Compound this with a cold that has moved into my chest over the past few days, and I’ve been exercise-dormant for too many days in a row.  Despite coughing fits today, I’d had enough and opted to do at least a little bit just to keep moving.

Kettlebell Shoulder Press
50# x 5/side (2 rounds)

Overhead Squats (PVC) to a Medicine ball (slow with pause at the bottom)
5 x 2

Ring Chinup L-Sits with false grip
3 reps


Kettlebell Half Turkish Getups

My sprained foot was still bothering me, but at least I was able to soundly sleep last night for the first time in three nights.

I wanted to work with my shoulders, so I decided on doing 1/2 turkish getups I’d seen on the Pavel DVD.  This way I wouldn’t have to stand up like the full TGU.

1/2 Turkish Getup
15# x 3/side
25# x 3/side
35# x 3/side

I had a nice shoulder burn going and could definitely feel it in my core.  I didn’t dare try that with the 50# Kettlebell though.  Need to do the lower weights more first.

Front Squats and Kettlebell Swings

Front Squats (slow and strict)
35# Barbell x 5 (focus on lower back, bootie, and chest position)
135# x 3 (pause at the bottom)

Kettlebell Swings
5 Rounds
35# KB x 20, 60 second rest

Doing 100 reps was tiring…. as my cardio improves, I’d like to reduce the rest break between sets


Took a 20 mile bike ride from Kingsview Industrial Park to Loveland and back on our touring bikes…. just keep loading them heavier.  Stopped in Loveland for coffee and conversation.  Average speed 12.5mph.  Nice way to discuss our housing options and outstanding bid scenarios!

Kettlebell Snatches and Cleans

Kettlebell Swings 2-handed
35# x 10 x 2

KB Snatches 1-handed
15# x 10/side
20# x 10/side
25# x 10/side

KB Cleans & Push Press
35# x 10/side

KB Windmills
20# x 3/side

Ring Pullups and Potato Squats

Ring Pullups (false grip) Strict pullups, no kipping
5 x 3 plus 2 extra

Potato Squats with 50# kettlebell
(strict back and chest positioning)
5 x 2

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Swings 2-handed (100 Rep Ladder)
90 second rest between sets
25# x 15, rest
35# x 15, rest
50# x 15, rest
35# x 15, rest
25# x 15, rest
35# x 15, rest
50# x 10, rest

2 Rounds
Rever Hypers x 10
20# KB Windmills x 3/side

Kettlebell Snatches and Muscle-Up Transitions

Muscle-Up Transitions
Ring Rows (false grip) x 5 x 3

35# KB Swings x 10

15# KB Swings x 5/side
15# KB Snatches  x 10/side

20# KB Swings x 5/side
20# KB Snatches  x 10/side

25# KB Swings x 5/side
25# KB Snatches  x 10/side

Reverse Hypers x 5 x 2

35# KB Windmills x 3/side

Cycling & Kettlebells

Cycled 15 miles with the steel touring bikes.  Afterwards, my right shoulder was feeling a little tight, so I did a few kettlebells and then rever hypers for my lower back.

25# KB Swings x 10
25# KB Windmills x 3/side
Reverse Hypers x 5

Muscle Up Ring Rows, Front Squats, KB Windmills

I don’t think lifting in the morning is my thing.  Rowing, walking, or cycling in the morning is mindless enough for me to handle, but moving weight around is a different ball game.  Also, my body is stiff and takes a while to get moving.  Nevertheless, I wanted to give it a shot since we had a house showing tonight that would interfere with my normal evening time frame.

I want to start working on some transition movements that “grease the groove” for me to perform muscle ups.   I can do chinups on the rings with my hands in a “false grip” position, but I can’t transition my body through the middle part of the movement to get to the dip to get above the rings.  I found a nice explanation sheet and supporting video for things to help me workup to it, so I need to start using it.

Muscle-Up Ring Rows (false grip)
(Rings waist high, heels on the ground, extend/lean back from rings with legs locked and arms straight to begin rep.  Bend and pull from arms, like a chinup, but don’t finish out as a dip… work slowly through any transitional sticking points… adjust heal starting position to vary difficulty)
5 reps x 3

Front Squats
(light weight, good upright posture, pause at the bottom on the medicine ball before driving out)
135# x 5

Kettlebell Windmills
50# x 3/side (left shoulder very solid, right shoulder slightly unstable… couldn’t hold bell rock solid overhead with left fingers touching the ground… I can feel that ever-so-slight burn deep in my right shoulder indicating my targeted rotator cuff muscles got some work….. using the heavier weights, I can also feel it in my obliques)

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